Today I would like to mention the fine motor but in addition also focusing attention on working.

There are different types of care (for accuracy, the definitions are taken from a glossary University – UNED (Open University in Spain) –

– VOLUNTARY ATTENTION: This occurs when the causes for which care is provided depend on the subject itself, its motivation and no external stimuli. The subject devotes his activity some degree of effort.

  • INVOLUNTARY ATTENTION: does not involve any volitional process tends to be passive and the subject does not direct its activities to any object.
  • HABITUAL ATTENTION: it is automatic and unconscious and involuntary attention, however, it differs in that the usual care is related to acquired habits of the subject.
  • SELECTIVE ATTENTION: body’s ability to focus on those stimuli that are relevant in the presence of extraneous stimuli, they will be ignored.
  • DIVIDED ATTENTION: the individual’s ability to attend to multiple tasks simultaneously or multiple claims of the same task. It is activated when the environment requires us to attend to multiple tasks or information at a time.


And what interest us

  • SUSTAINED ATTENTION: also called concentration or monitoring, is responsible to maintain the attention and alertness to or more sources of information, for a continuous or long period of time… It has to do with two aspects of time: the duration (how long a run level can be maintained) and consistency of implementation during this period (the effectiveness of implementation).

A few months ago got a post in which worked fine motor, but in this I want to show other activities to work fine motor skills while sustained attention necessary for the kids to go extending their periods of concentration.

PEELING ORANGES: This season they were who peeled mandarin fruit and with each piece of skin were making a drawing on the table.


TRIMMING PAPERS AND FILLING THE TRUCK: Cut pieces of paper and cash them in Cuba accumulating a truck is very entertaining, then they tried to move the truck carefully that none fell!

recorte 1

WATER TRANSFER: This love, scroll through water from one container to another, alone or between them, it’s fun!

trasvase agua


Both puzzles

puzle 2

As the wooden puzzles are ideal for working with course work concentration and fine motor.


STRIKE STICKERS A STAR PATTERN: These crowns have been for his play area six months. They were beautiful. All you are is fun stickers.

corona gomets

They are very simple, everyday activities, but which to a greater or lesser extent, are initiated in these two areas.

I hope you liked it.



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