Good afternoon!

Today we had the Halloween party at school! I made a monster costume! Simple but very comfortable to be with the kids! Too easy!

First make a shirt!

the big bag teacher

I made a shirt with a fabric monsters, but you can make your own shirt. Is simple, put some eyes and teeth felt!!

Next, make a trouser! I found an internet idea that came to me super good!

the big bag teacher

I took a trouser had broken, did well the holes in the knees, behind sewed teeth and put a cloth background of smooth color. I have painted eyes.


You can also put a few buttons! It is very funny!

the big bag teacher

And a complement to the head!

the big bag teacher

With eyes frog, we are ready for a monster party!!!

the big bag teacher

This super decorated have prepared my companions! They are a champion!!!

We have also played camouflage eyes frog! A kind of COLD HOT … It was fun!

the big bag teacher

Happy Halloween! And…

the big bag teacher

Happy weekend!

Ana 🙂

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