Today I want to show the crown of cloth that we have done for the smallest of the family!

As no birthday uncrowned… I wanted to try to make one, fabric, we have millions of crowns of all colors, shapes, characters… with cardboard, felt… but not with fabric!

So we have set to work!

1. We made the mold and cut two pieces of cloth (to be reversible ) and a felt.

corona tela

2. After we have put in order the fabrics:
– Fabric 1 (stars) + Felt fabric + Fabric 2 (dinosaurs)

3. Finally sew everything together.

corona tela 1


corona dinos

You can decorate the crown with the number of years , the child’s name …

corona tela 2

It has been very nice!

corona tela 4

Happy day!

Ana 🙂

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