Today I want to show you a recipe that although it is not what I usually write on the blog, always triumphs in my children’s parties!

It’s super easy!


  • 2 puff pastry , preferably round
  • 1 jar of chocolate cream (Nutella)

Open a pastry and fill with Nutella

hojaldre chocolate 02

Close with the other pastry and seal the outside with a fork

hojaldre chocolate 03

Mark the center with a glass, without breaking , just mark

hojaldre chocolate 04

Make cuts respecting the circle

hojaldre chocolate 05

Complete the circle , I make these cuts that to me is the perfect measure

hojaldre chocolate 06

Make a couple of bends or turns to each cut

hojaldre chocolate 07

Paint with egg

hojaldre chocolate 10

Bake at 180-200 ° C above and below, is very fast!

In Fahrenheit 350-390 º F

hojaldre chocolate 12

Ready to eat!

hojaldre chocolate 13

Super easy and quick ! Besides the kids can help make !

I hope you liked … Happy day!!! 🙂 Ana 🙂

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