It’s customary to take to school some candy to friends when a child ‘s birthday. I do not like to be candy, I prefer a DIY detail… So we have made a kid bag!

kid bag 02

The gift last year was the same, but he was in kindergarten this year at school, friends were don’t the same, so it was easy, we repeat !

kid bag 08

The problem is what to do next year!

kid bad 01

I would not underestimate the other gifts or candy that may lead other friends, my son prefers candy to anything else! hahaha So I got a bag of chips, to make it more palatable to children. 🙂

kid bag 09

But I found a useful gift!

kid bag 06

Hopefully accompany them in their adventures…

kid bag 04

I take this opportunity to wish happy holidays, children and teachers who finish school. HAPPY SUMMER!!

kid bag 05

I hope you like our “Kid Bag” Tomorrow I show the crown holds that we have prepared Cousin for his first birthday! You enjoy this wonderful evening… 🙂 Ana 🙂

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