Good afternoon !

Today I want to show you our star game since the kids were small : playing with summer dishes!!

juego simbolico

It has been a sporadic game, which has emerged from them, I have plastic dishes to eat in the courtyard, in a drawer at your fingertips. With the curiosity that characterizes all children, they soon discovered that drawer, for them I full of treasures and was a very attractive game from minute one.

juego simbolico 10

It was his particular symbolic play :

1. First probing with the material

juego simbolico 02

2. After copying actions they saw in everyday life

juego simbolico 05

3. Later making small representations as:

  • Prepare breakfast

  • Play kitchens

  • Being waiters

juego simbolico 06

They also used to make lines, towers,…

juego simbolico 12

It also allows work logical – mathematical concepts:

  • colors,
  • groups ,
  • classifications,
  • sizes ,
  • spatial concepts: up-down, front-back …

juego simbolico 20

The truth that has been the star game for evenings when the weather was bad and could not get out. Gradually they are having more repertoire of games and materials, but the dishes, has certainly been the best. You know! Some plates and plastic cups. Something insignificant to us, can be a wonderful thing for them!!

Happy Sunday! Ana 🙂

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