Good Morning!
Today we will have to make a cloth pennant.

The first is to make the mold of the triangle , we base 15 cm and height of 18 cm.
guirnalda tela 01

Then we make two triangles for each piece pennant.

guirnalda tela 02

Now we have to sew the triangles with sewing machine or by hand. It is important that when cosamos , the nice part of the fabric is inside.
guirnalda tela 03

We cut the very little peak , so that when we give back fit better.

guirnalda tela 05

We turn around …

guirnalda tela 06

It iron.

guirnalda tela 07

And we have to sort the triangles.

guirnalda tela 08

Need to choose the bias tape.

cinta bies

And sew the bias tape with triangles inside.

guirnalda de tela


I hope you liked it…

Happy weekend! Ana 🙂

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