Yesterday we made a super cool activity! It is a fishing kit:

  • Goldfish with a magnet.
  • A fishing rod with a nut as bait.
  • Baskets for sorting the fish.



It is an amazing material!

pescar peces

The kids had a blast, working:

  • Concentration.
  • The hand-eye coordination.
  • The motor.
  • The precision of movement.
  • Patience.
  • The classification.
  • Colors.

It is one of those materials that must be cared for with great care, because it is simple, but very elaborate!!

pescar peces 4

The children enjoyed themselves, were patient and tried to hone their movements to fish, but when all else failed … A LITTLE BIT OF TRAPS did not hurt!!! Hahaha

pescar peces 5

I hope you liked it!

Ana 🙂

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