Good Morning!

Today rescued last year activity of the municipal nursery school of Olías del Rey. This kind of activity I especially like to work creativity. Taking advantage for a mural of Spring, let the children do the main mural.

To do this they left their disposal:

  • a continuous paper,
  • materials of artistic expression,
  • weather,



In the simplicity of all this activity include:

  • The creativity
  • Teamwork
  • The taste for beautiful things and do together
  • Colors
  • The forms
  • Different strokes



The highlight for me is creativity. Creativity at an early age is necessary for the development of their skills and personality. It will also help to express themselves better, develop their cognitive skills and abstract thinking, imagination at the time of carrying out an action or solve a problem.


To encourage creativity in children, we must:

  • Give them space, time and means that they can create for themselves.
  • Let them do, and motivate them safe in what they do.
  • To do this we must show interest in their ideas or products.
  • In addition to satisfy their curiosity.



The enemy number one of all this, stereotypes and/or convention.


As always I hope you liked it!



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