Hi everyone!

Monday I go to school from N to tell a story. I chose to tell the story: Del círculo que se cayó de una camiseta de lunares (more or less: the circle that fell off a polka dot shirt), of Cristina Navarro and Jesus Oleby as an illustrator. I wanted to explain a story that had not heard, and also allowed me to work this story of friendship and do some simple activity with them. I tell you all then.

I present to Inés (Agnes), the story is about a circle falls off his shirt! He, the circle is Lorenzo who will do everything possible to find it again.

del circulo que se cayo 58

Lorenzo and his friends.


I plan to organize the session as follows. They are about 45 minutes.

1. Presentation and grab their attention.

Present the story and give each child a piece of felt: a circle, a square or a triangle, different colors. They will have to save all the story.

del circulo que se cayo

2. Explain the story.

We help one’s own picture book and puppets we did.

del circulo que se cayo 64

Lorenzo del circulo que se cayo

3. At the end of the story to comment on the content and little activity.

It will consist of circles put back on the shirt of Inés, we need the help of the kids, who have circles. To work the classification of three geometric figures – square – triangles circles, I added some pants and a shirt where they put other characters in the story.

del circulo que se cayo 62

4. Working friendship.

For me the most important part of the story. Lorenzo misses his friends round lunar new friends but find other ways. We will talk about friendship and we will do ” THE WALL OF GOOD FRIENDS “. I have written the names of the children and each stick a sticker with a geometric shape and different color, next to his name.

del circulo que se cayo 72

H, is coming with us to explain the history, will be in charge of distributing the stickers.

N give them a medal of Lorenzo  when they hit your bumper. So they take a souvenir.

del circulo que se cayo 79

Inés has been great, I wanted the children to look good materials.

del circulo que se cayo de una camiseta

To see how! I’ll tell you!! I hope you liked it.



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