This January is characterized by the lack of cold and no rain … but the Magi brought boots water to the kids, so tired of waiting for the rain, we were not looking for puddles.

botas de agua 121

So we went to a pine forest with a fountain where children make streams, remove the earth and enjoy experiencing nature.

botas de agua

We arrived early afternoon and began our march, it appeared that we were going to find a lot of puddles, but had a great fucking sticks, working gross motor on the fantastic play areas, climbing, climbing, waterslides, up, down… at times we forgot were puddles!!

botas de agua 127

We continue with the search but we realized we needed it rained. So we made a break for snak some artisans cakes and traditional chocolate from the wonderful village of Quintanar de la Orden.

quintanar de la orden

And full of energy we went back to the car and…VOILA!!

Incredible but true!

There are two pools, small but perfect!

H enjoyed as Peppa Pig jumping, splashing and laughing like never.

botas de agua 165

N steeped each of the corners of the pond.

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Another thing is how it ended car upholstery … (Now would cry emoticons) OoOoO

It was a great afternoon outdoors!



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