In the nursery the 7 dwarfs, are making an art project based on Joan Miró and his works. Today I want to show the wonderful trip we made to the Joan Miró Foundation.

Fita and Pampito, pet class, accompanied us on the trip. I do not know who was more excited!

fundacion joan miro (12)

We parked in Montjuïc and strolled through the gardens of Laribal (I taught them in another post)

jardines laribal (10)

Finally we reached the house looked, there were going to find many of his works. I try to give a touch of the visit…

fundacion joan miro (1)

“Character” – 1970 -, a nice sculpture, was waiting at the door. The kids loved it.

fundacion joan miro

It is a really great place, we enter the “Tapestry of the Foundation”, the children were very impressed, has dimensions of 7.5 x 5 m, really shocking for kids, made with wool, beautiful shapes, colors and textures fill the Hall.

fundacion joan miro (2)

Beside “Hands flying off toward the constellations” also very large, the kids really liked this picture, they also draw your hands often.

fundacion joan miro (3)

Then we sat in front of the “loving couple games almond blossoms.” We stopped to look at what we saw and what we thought.

fundacion joan miro (4)

We saw many of his works and also we knew what a museum, which is a painting , a sculpture … concepts that introduce us to the fascinating world of art.

fundacion joan miro (9)

Women 1968, this sculpture have made a projection that attracted much attention of children, so we sat down to watch.

fundacion joan miro (10)

It is a museum full of colors, attractive shapes, textures, paintings, sculptures and many some impressively large.

fundacion joan miro (5)

Finally we returned to the room of the “loving couple games almond blossoms”, we sat on the floor and we did our own drawing. Our body was full of inspiration.

fundacion joan miro (11)

Then, when passing through the gift shop, where we bought a story from the life of Joan Miró we bring to the school so that all children may know him better.

pequeña historia de joan miro

I hope you liked it.

fundacion joan miro (7)

Regards, Ana

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