Hi everyone!

These days we have done tests to get something similar to the snow easily and with things we have at home, and I think … CHALLENGE OVERCOME! I tell you!

nieve casera

We think undo Styrofoam, we did!

corcho blanco

But we wanted something more like … we think of manipulating soapsuds … but we wanted something closer and decided to try to freeze the suds, what will happen? Have you endure?

The answer is … yeah!!

nieve casera espuma (19)

The first is to have child soap. Important, but others do more suds, we need that if children suds get into the mouth it is not dangerous.

To get soapsuds I tested in three ways: with food processing machine, with mixer and rods.

nieve casera espuma (17)

FOOD PROCESSING MACHINE: I put butterflies accessory, giving speed and started making a lot of white foam soap and very, very concentrated, perhaps too much for my taste.

nieve casera espuma (13)

MIXER: With the mixer started well but broke the latter, so you have to explain to me what exactly, I have to buy a new!!

nieve casera espuma (15)

ROD: Manual rods have seemed the best option, why?

– The kids can drive safely!!

– It is they who make the effort and work, too RESULT IS YOURS.

– The soap scum is not so concentrated. The foam soap is more easy to handle.

– They are available to everyone.

nieve casera espuma (16)

After we put in the freezer.

IMPORTANT: Freezes very fast! In one hour it is. At the same time it thaws very quickly too.

nieve casera espuma (14)

Suds made with the processing machine was hard and difficult to handle, but we had done with rods was great playing with it. The kids had a great, really like snow.

nieve casera espuma (12)

The little boy first thing he did was get soap scum in the mouth, it is important to monitor and Children soap.

nieve casera espuma (18)

I hope you feel encouraged to make your home snow.



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