Surely you already know the story: A taste of the moon? Michael Grejniec. Here we have talked about it, a little story of a mouse who wants to know what it tastes like the moon?, this adventure meet friends and work together to get what they propose. Engaging story, repeat. A marvel!a que sabe la luna (2)

I wanted to tell you how to transform the meter is inside, in a beautiful material to explain the story in style. It is very simple!

a que sabe la luna (3)

Figures cut meter. It is advisable plasticize and last longer.

a que sabe la luna (4)

Make a base with felt. Felt?! Why!? Because we can roll, it does not take place and not broken like cardboard. What you can paste…

a que sabe la luna (7)

Or sew!

a que sabe la luna (5)

I’ve put a ribbon to hang it up, some Velcro … and ready to use!

a que sabe la luna (6)

It’s simple and the good thing is that they can handle the story, tell the story and manipulate them. It is a love story.

If you have it and do not you use the meter, I hope you feel encouraged!

Happy Thursday … Ana

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