Before the end of the autumn want to show you the pictures we took a few weeks ago.

While playing in the park, we were lucky to see a flock of birds making a migratory movement.

migracion de las aves (1)

The birds make migratory movements for several reasons: seasonal changes, to find food and to find a new environment where they live.

migracion de las aves (57)

The birds are not migratory birds are residents birds.

It was nice to see the birds across the sky, it’s amazing the way of flying as accurate, forming a perfect V. What coordination!

migracion de las aves (3)

I counted 57 birds in the photo, perfectly coordinated. A great team!

I find it surprising that the birds can go flying as large spaces. It’s a great example for children :

  • Tenacity
  • Value
  • Teamwork
  • Work Hard to get what you want

migracion de las aves (2)

Much to teach.

I hope you liked it!

Ana 🙂

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