Good morning!

Today I want to show a beautiful park of Barcelona, gardens Laribal. We went in autumn with classroom pets, it was a short trip to Barcelona.

jardines laribal (12)

Laribal gardens are great gardens on Montjuïc. They are at the foot of the mountain, which is why they are structured in different levels.

jardines laribal (1)

In the gardens Laribal is the Greek Theatre, inspired by the Epidaurus (Greece) theater, but construction is 1929 in Barcelona.

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The vegetation is spectacular, the parks are filled with bright green, now in autumn contrasts with brown and red tones.

jardines laribal (4)

It’s easy to spend the whole day playing in every garden.

jardines laribal (8)

Source Cat.

jardines laribal (2)

Generalife stairs.

jardines laribal (10)

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

jardines laribal (13)

Happy Monday!! Ana 🙂

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