ELENA’S SERENADE – Campbell Geeslin

“Elena’s serenade” is a wonderful story of a girl who struggles to be what he likes. It’s a beautiful example for kids because Elena facing problems with courage.

elenas serenade

Elena’s dream is to be like his father, glassblower. it is a nice job, also very educational for children. Elena will have to make a difficult journey, where music will be important to overcome it.

I would describe this story as endearing, full of courage and valor, with wonderful illustrations that put us squarely in history.

elenita y su papa

Set in the Mexican culture, beautiful!

Perfect for work:

  • Gender equality
  • Values ​​such as effort and the will
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Mexican culture
  • The music plays a nice role

I hope you have time to read.

Night night, Ana

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