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I decided to encourage me to write the post in English . My English is a little poor, sorry if I make mistakes. The important thing for me is to convey to the English language contents THE BIG BAG TEACHER and practice my English.

On 20th of November, we celebrated the Rights of the Child. In all schools is a very important day and we worked with kids awareness of the basic right that all children should have.

derechos de los niños

In school we worked 10 rights, but really in the United Nations General Assembly, they collected 54 articles. I leave a link to information:


54 articles: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989.


In the kindergarden “Los 7 enanitos” (The 7 Dwarfs), this day they worked with families of the kids. Each kid took home a paper star, the families had to write one of the rights of the child and decorate the star.

derechos de los niños

After, in the classroom, every child stuck his star in the mural. The mural was very nice!

derechos de los niños

And I say goodbye as I commented with “B ” , the kindergarten teacher . How important it is to work with children these values ​​, to defend a fairer world in which more importance is given to the rights of everyone .

derechos de los niños

Hugs, Ana 🙂

derechos de los niños

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