Good morning!

We have used that made a sunny morning to go outside and play with a thing called a lot of attention… Syringes.

We have compiled syringes of all kinds, we had at home, to work fine motor skills while we play with water! So refreshing!

juego con agua 01

They love to play with water!
juego con agua 02

They have been swimsuits and we have taken the material:

  • Small containers , syringes or sniffers
  • Large containers for water

Very easy!

juego con agua 07

We have filled with water, a container and they had to pass water with syringes, from one container to another.
juego con agua 06

To catch and release water, they have worked fine motor skills in a fun way! It is a perfect activity for children ages 2, 3 and 4 years to improve grip pencil.
juego con agua 03

Happy Saturday!!

juego con agua 08

Ana 🙂

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