Hello everybody! I recognize that I do not like to use much the tablet, but the truth is that there are channels on youtube, simply wonderful!!


super simple learning songs

This channel has songs for young children, about 2 to 7-8 years. More or less! Sometimes it is difficult to say ages … They are songs about content of all kinds . It’s really good!

super simple songs



busy beavers 2

This channel is similar to the previous one. It also has some nice pets, a beaver . In addition to songs by theme , you have songs with simple phrases to learn different contents . Also for children from 2 to 6-7 years. More or less!!

busy beavers




story bots

This channel I spoke earlier to start the blog, but until today I had not translated (or tried to translate into English, my English is not very good).

It is a channel for older children for primary education.

It also operates many perfect content to work at school!

This is the YouTube channel

I hope you like!

Happy Sunday! 🙂 Ana 🙂

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