I want my first words in this new year were to wish you a very good 2016! May all your wishes come true, or approaching!

We started with the letter of Wise Men!! It was time to write the letter of Their Majesties and letters that gave us in malls not convince us, so we made our own letter.

carta de los reyes (2)

We just need to paint of different colors, with fine pen tip and fingers arranged to create three very original Kings.

carta de los reyes (11)

The technique that we use is FingerPrint Drawing.

carta de los reyes (1)

First we make the basic parts of the figures: crown, head and body of kings.

carta de los reyes (8)

After a few strokes do with a black pen to shape and characterize human figures.

carta de los reyes (14)

Simple and fun!

We have a letter ready to fill and bring to Royal Page.

carta de los reyes (13)

I hope you liked it,


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